Signed designer fashion clothing distributor



Payments can be made with all the CREDIT CARDS , BANK TRANSFER, CASH and through PAYPAL system (without additional costs). 

The CHOICE of articles is FREE with NO minimum of purchase

You can CHANGE the goods unsold within 60 days without devaluation!

The goods can be directly withdrawn or delivered through TNT express courier or with one at your choice.

DELIVERY is FREE in EUROPEAN UNION+Switzerland (for an invoice of at least € 2.500). 

For the 1st purchase it's necessary to visit our warehousesin order to make the CHOICE personally and looking the goods live. We partially refund the travel money incurred up to € 250 (on request at first purchase)

Afterwards we send photos and prices of new arrivals and any article required by phone/WhatsApp and, in case of purchase, we ship for free anywhere with the possibility of exchanging goods.

We are always open with continuous time and for lunch we will offer a 1st dish of Italian tradition or a good Neapolitan pizza.

Because the arrivals of new merchandise are continuos, and since the articles are from various sources (stock of shops, corporate stocks, end of series, direct orders, etc. etc.), we haven't catalogues or price list to send.

PRICES charged are absolutely OUTSTANDING in relation to the quality, signature and marketability of the proposed articles.


- From 40% to 70% from the price to the public for items of the current season, 
- From 70% to 85% to articles in the previous season, 
- From 85% to 95% to articles of two or more seasons.  

Our prices may allow a great MARGIN GAIN for your sales during ALL THE YEAR .

Main BENEFITS and SERVICES we reserve:

1. FREE choice, STOCK/WHOLESALE prices and NO MINIMUM of purchase 

2. COURTESY CAR service from Airport, Central Station, Garibaldi Square (Bus Metropark), Naples Harbor, Subway or directly from your accommodation

3. REIMBURSEMENT of partial TRAVEL expenses for the 1th visit (up to € 250, on request at first purchase)

4. REFUND of double-room cost for one night in HOTELS near to us (look at INFO) 

5. FREE SHIPPING in European Union+Switzerland (for a purchase of at least € 2.500) 

6. SENDING  photos and prices of NEW ARRIVALS of the season (after 1st purchase, on request, by phone/WhatsApp)

7. LUNCH with Italian traditional dish (or Neapolitan pizza) 
8. CHANGE GOODS without devaluation of the product (within 60 days)